This is a computer scientist blog! This blog aims to share and spread knowledge related to Computer Science. Any helpful comments are welcomed. About me:

My name is Abdelrahman Elogeel (Ogail for short) I’ve a Master’s Degree from University of Washington with thesis focused on automated planning in nondeterministic environments. Currently I’m working as Software Development Engineer at Amazon Robotics in MA and previously at Microsoft in WA. I’m interested in Robotics, Machine Learning and Embedded Development.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Essalamu alaikom:
    Thank you for the effort, very informative for some like me who still learning.
    I would like to ask a question about the KeyChar property of the the KeyPressEventArgs that returns
    the ASCII character of the pressed key.
    I’m trying to compare a key of character ‘Ł„Ų§’ to another character, the problem that i’m having is that the keychar executes twice returning character Ł„ then Ų§.
    i thinking creating a derived class that inherits KeyPressEventArgs class and it’s keychar property returns a unicode character,
    Can would someone do that, some articles, some examples?
    Best Regards

  2. hi Abdelrahman Al-Ogail,
    I know very little about computer programming and search engine engineering and I have some personal questions about using an established search engine platform as the main search platform for a website that I think would be a blockbuster startup. my email was entered in the comment query and please email my personal email and I’ll give you my direct phone line. thank you, Preston

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