Starting at Microsoft

Starting in C#:

The key with C# is not about knowing its syntax rather; it’s about mastering the Framework.

CLR via C# is strongly recommended to read.

Working as a developer:

One of important roles for you as a developer is to know how to develop Framework. You can read Framework Design Guidelines as a reference for this point.

Besides that, you need to read Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code which will increase you knowledge with the development in existing Framework.

As a developer you need to do the following:

  1. Write clean code.
  2. Understand .Net Framework.
  3. Master design patterns.
  4. Master unit testing.
  5. Plan and communicate well.

The more your code introduces bugs, the more your manager loves you!

Unit Testing:

One of the common tools in unit testing in .Net is nunit.

Why Unit Test:

  • Let you know if your code works fine with previous code or not. (some developers fixes a bug but introduces 2 new bugs in another location)
  • Reduce number of bugs in your code.
  • You’ve more confidence when changing your code.
  • Helps you refactoring your code.

Advanced .Net Debugging is useful to understand debugging and how to fix bugs.

Writing Solid Code helps you to avoid bugs.